by | Apr 15, 2024

Photo: Zoe Shinn


Addressing issues of celebrity and identity, I’ve created five thematic artefacts—serial works designed specifically for social media—that will be posted in the coming months, on several platforms.

1. This is one of my favourite hats

The self-portrait trope of the artist in various guises. Informed by my experience as an art director, photography is combined with headlines—in Shinntype, of course.



2. Def-shinn-itions

Calligraphy is a performance art, and these will be pen dances, to music. But what to write? The inspiration comes from Samuel Johnson’s well known “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,” not one of his dictionary definitions, but it did suggest the idea for archly poetic explanations of contemporary terms.



Pointing out Erik Nitsche’s use of spot colour, on this 1953 album cover.

3. Treasures of the Shinnstitute

A series of mini-documentaires, single take, in which I’ll discuss items from the Shinnstitute’s collections of books, printed ephemera, and vinyl albums, focusing on design, art direction and media process.  



4. FontLife blog

Not actually about fonts per se, but about the life and interests of this particular fontist. More in the nature of illustrated essays. Coming up: a history of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, in its centenary year.



Carl Dair’s words are presented in Shinntype’s Dair typeface, a restoration of his 1967 design, Cartier.

5. Typo-quoto

Type specimens as literary-graphic hybrid. Straightforward meme fare, designed in a flush left, two-colour format, with the palette from Chevrolet auto paint, 1957. ●