Shinn’s work for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, spans 15 years and four redesigns. In a time of decline for newsprint as readership and advertising migrated to the internet, the Globe and Mail  adapted with a system of content management across media which leveraged the respective qualities of print and web. Shinn’s family of serifed types for the 2010 redesign, Pratt Nova, catered to the paper’s introduction of magazine-quality printing on coated stock with a range of finely detailed, optically sized fonts, a subset of which is used online. Combined with the sans faces, Sense and Sensibility, which were developed for the previous redesign, the publication has a huge suite of integrated styles at its disposal, catering to the breadth of its media.

The 2010 redesign was voted best in the world in the 32nd Society of News Design awards.

All Shinn’s Globe and Mail  types were developed in parallel with the page layouts for which they were intended, and further refined by press tests, producing a fitness for purpose that enables sophisticated typography: complex, harmonized, and unique.

Globe and Mail  fonts available commercially: Pratt Nova, Sense and Sensibility.