The benefits of a custom typeface

1. Differentiate brand identity
With a unique typeface, a corporation assures a distinctive image in the mediasphere, setting itself apart from competitors and disabling trite emulation.

2. Optimize brand quality
When a typeface is developed as part of a branding, it may be tailored to specific design parameters—both technical and aesthetic—in a way that “off the shelf” fonts cannot.

3. Expedite software issues
When a corporation owns the licence to a custom typeface, any number of employees and suppliers may be easily equipped (by web download) with font software that is:

  1. Consistent. There are many different venues in which a corporate typeface may be used, both internally and through suppliers. A custom font does not require licensing every time a new situation emerges—such as a new supplier, or an increase in the number of in-house terminals, or a new media opportunity that might not be permissable under an existing retail font licence.
  2. Reliable. The presence of a custom font discourages substitutions that may be made to retail fonts, alternatives which may be suspect on aesthetic or technical grounds such as cross-platform or software application issues, or language encoding.
  3. “Free.” With an enterprise-wide custom font solution, after the initial purchase there is no financial dimension to subsequent distribution of the software, thus providing administrative efficiency.

4. Cost
Retail font software licence fees can become astronomical when fonts are installed on thousands, or tens of thousands of computers, or when rented for high-traffic web sites. A custom solution can represent a significant economy.